What are Unmatched and Matched Bets ?

As we already explained, we operate as an exchange and won't cover ourselves any of your bets at any time, this means that all liquidity available on the site is provided by users ( user vs user).

When you place a bet and there is no party on the other side of the market to cover your bet, it will remain unmatched till anyone matches your bet. You can cancel unmatched bets at any time and the stake amount would be immediately credited on your account. If your bet is not matched till the end of event / market, your stake will be automatically cancelled also.

When someone else matches your bet, it is final and your bet is committed, there is no way to cancel it because you have just made an "agreement" with the other party. The required funds to cover your stake will be locked from your balance till the event finishes and bet settlement processes payouts.


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