Soccer Events - General Rules

General Rules

All Soccer's events have four base markets associated that are automatically created when the event is imported:

  1. Winner
  2. Over/Under 0.5 Goal
  3. Over/Under 1.5 Goal
  4. Over/Under 2.5 Goals



Winner - Market Winner is to bet on what team you think that will win the current even. Both Half / Complete Match is included. Draw is included. There are 3 selections to bet (both teams and DRAW).

If team A wins, A is winner selection;

If team B wins, B is the winner selection.

If no teams win, DRAW is the winner selection.


Over/Under xxx Goals - Market Over/Under xxx Goals is a market that depends on the number of goals scored by both teams. 

There are only 2 selection available: Under xxx Goals or Over xxx Goals.

If the sum of all goals scored by both teams (excluding Overtime) is equal or below than xxx Goals,  Under 0.5 Goals is the winner selection.

If the sum of all points scored by both teams (including on Overtime) is higher than xxx Goals,  Over 0.5 Goals is the winner selection.


Extra - When Matches are not decided on regular time, all markets including market winner are closed and the new Extra market is created. Extra is kind of and Overtime decision. Draw is not included and the winner will be decided by either Extra time winner or Penalty Shootout.


Markets Creation & Settlement

Winner Market

Winner market is settled only on the end of the event. Overtime is not included!

Goals Markets

There will exist 3 default open/live goals related markets during a soccer match. Events start with over/under 0.5, 1,5 and 2.5 goals markets but this will be always incrementing as goals are scored. When a certain number of goal/goals is achieved during the match the appropriate market/markets gets automatically settled and new ones are created.

Example:When the first goal of a match is scored, the first goal market (Over/Under 0.5 Goals) is automatically settled and closed. After that, a new market is going to be created and substitute the older one already closed, in this case the Over/Under 3.5 Goals that didn't existed till this first scored goal. The goals markets are created till the Over/Under 9.5 Goals.

Extra Market

Some leagues / cups / tournaments require a winner. When one these get a match that reaches the end of regular time with no winner, the match needs to go to Extra Time. That's right here that our new market is created. 

The event will remain opened till we have a winner, either by the Extra Time or penalty shootout.


Cancelled / Postponed Events

If for some reason an Event needs to be re-scheduled or Cancelled, all markets and bets associated will be voided and refunded. This also applies to matched bets.

When/if the event will still be played, new event and markets  with the correct date/hour will be automatically created



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