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Every user is attributed with one unique API token when the account is created. You can check your access on My Account > Account Settings > Api Auth Token.

All API methods provided by BetBTC require authentication before being accessed.

To identify yourself you should include the following data on the beginning of your requests (header):


Header = Authorization
Value = Token token=**YOUR ACCESS TOKEN**


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    Maulik lathyia

    How to use the token ! 

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    The instructions are above (with examples)

    If you are getting troubles authenticating please send us a support ticket with the response you are getting!

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    Maulik lathyia

    Thank's for the reply, 

    Can you please mail me an simple example code (extracting data from any of the market) using the betbtc's api with the token.

    this code dint help me (its mix of two api)

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    Marin Lepère

    Hello, I'm trying to GET EVENTS with the REST api and SoapUI. But I keep getting the "HTTP Token: Access denied." error.

    I'm connecting to with the header and my token. Screenshots below. The token in the screenshot is not valid, just an example.

    Is this the correct way? Or do I need to send the token using xml or json? Or regular authentication?

    Thank you



    Edited by Marin Lepère
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    Maulik lathyia

    this code give's out error 

    *token is an example

    $crl = curl_init("");

    $header = array();
    $header[] = 'Authorization: Value=Token token=6df4ghb6ej65454h654jf12721ca45j5';

    curl_setopt($crl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,$header);
    $rest = curl_exec($crl);



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