Football Events - General Rules

General Rules

All Football events have one market associated that is automatically created when the event is imported:

  1. Winner

The market is settled only on the end of the event

All Bets / Markets are cancelled if we receive information from our Live Feed that Event was either Cancelled or Postponed.



Winner - Market Winner is to bet on what team you think will win the current event. This is a "MoneyLine" Market, meaning that Draw is not included. There are only 2 selections to bet (both teams) decided after regular or OT time.

If team A wins, A is winner selection;

If team B wins, B is the winner selection.

In case of draw, overtime will be played and winner is decided by overtime winner.


Cancelled / Postponed Events

If for some reason an Event needs to be re-scheduled or Cancelled, all markets and bets associated will be voided and refunded. This also applies to matched bets.

When/if the event will still be played, new event and market  with the correct date/hour will be automatically created


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