Anonymous Betting

We have developed a feature that allows you to bet on BetBTC 100% anonymously without the need of creating an account.

All you have to do (while logged out) is choose your selection clicking on the odds from the market and confirm the odd on the betslip.

After that a pop-up will appear with the Bitcoin Address and QR-code associated to your bet. As soon as you fund it your anonymous bet will be created with the stake received.

In case of bet win, your withdrawal will be automatical created after the event settlement, and processed in few hours maximum.



  • Minimum Bet is 0.01 Bitcoins.
  • Only First Deposit is Valid. If you want to deposit again place another anonymous bet.
  • Bets are only created when a deposit with 3 confirmations is detected.
  • Anonymous Bets are only accepted when Events are on "Pre-Live". If the anonymous bet only hits 3 confirmations when event is not Pre-Live anymore, the Bet won't be placed and a Withdrawal request with the Deposit Value is automatically created.
  • Unmatched Bets are canceled when event goes Live. This value is refunded after the Event is settled.


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