How is the Result-Number generated for my rolls?

To generate the result number to your roll, BetBTC uses 3 inputs:

  1. Server-Seed
  2. User-Seed
  3. Nonce (number of times seed-pair was used - 1)


  • We start by calculating a HMAC hash with these variables, like this:
hmac-sha512(server_seed, client_seed-nonce)


  • Then we pick the first 5 characters of this huge string and convert it from hexadecimal to decimal


As result of this conversion, we have now a decimal number.

If this number is over 999,999, we go back to our initial hmac string and the next five characters ** skipping the previous set would be used to generate another decimal number, until we have something equal or smaller than 999,999.

When we finally generate a number equal or smaller than 999,999, we will apply a modulus of 10000 and divide it by 100.


YOUR NUMBER = (number-smaller-than-999,999)%(10000)/100


We have now generated the result number!

You may use the 3rd-party verifier on this link to confirm your roll was genuine.


** Rolls made before 5/07/2016 didn't skip previous set, however that needed to be fixed.


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